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ga_dog_lovers's Journal

Georgia Dog Lovers Community
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Welcome to the GA Dog Lover Community !

After searching for dog lover community for people who live in the state of Georgia, I didn't find one and decided to start my own :)

This community welcomes any responsible dog owners from Georgia (or anywhere else !). Please feel free to post stories about your dog, rescue stories, pictures, dog friendly events throughout Georgia, canine health advice, training tips or anything else dog related (or in GA !)

Communities you should visit:




If you are thinking about getting a dog .. please please please consider adoption !!! There are so many animals (dogs and cats !) throughout Georgia that are in desperate need of a forever family !!! Please visit Pet Finder to find your local animal shelter !!

Basic Rules:

1. Please, if you post a picture (or a lenghthy text entry), use an LJ Cut (dial up users will thank you !)

2. Rescue posts are welcome ! Please use this community as a sounding board to get the word out for animal in GA in need of a forever family ! Animal transport requests that will be going through the state of GA are especially welcome :)

3. This is a community devoted to the love of ALL DOGS and ALL BREEDS !!

4. Any harrassment or flaming posts will be deleted immediately !! If you don't agree with someone, or they post something moronic, just ignore them or reply with advice or contructive criticsm.